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Importance of PPC?

PPC is integral for corporation growth and for eliciting a positive impact by generating returns for the establishment. Grey Media aids the consumers to achieve and make use of advanced tactics to reach desired goals. Our strategic approach enables to give options regarding shopping sprees, transferring of products to the consumers. Consumers are given specialized trade choices that meet their set of requirements.You are also provided with an economic proposition. Google AdWords is used to make routine choices that may be improved accordingly.


The significance of PPC is depicted by viewing statistics. The clicks, sale, and purchase on facilities stress on the necessity for Using PPC services. We at Grey Media are devoted to the use of advertising trends for obtaining trade initiatives. These initiatives have proven to expand the audience and sales rankings for overall rankings and growth of the brand.


80% of the brand awareness
can be boosted by
Search Ads.


75% online searchers says that
PPC ads make it easier for them to find required information.


97% of people search online
for local products
and services.


As PPC advertising are dedicated to provision of management services that utilize promotional formats to enhance traffic to the site. There are different formats of ads that can help your business to attract traffic and leads. These are


Display Ads

They are composed of media images, files, and videos. The display network on Google is accessed using visual and promotion sites. These Ads are found in paragraphs and in the form of online news articles. They are used for strengthening product name.



These ads are a compelling means to initiate a PPC campaign goals. They make a connection between the consumers with the brand. They create brand consciousness amongst consumers. The way an ad is crafted depicts a lot of the website. Text ads are meant to promote products and goods for audience facilitation. These are used in many forms comprising of headings, descriptions and URLs.



These ads are a source to connect people with other websites. This enables the go online and associate with the ad. This strategy is meant to create brand consciousness in audiences' minds reminding them to make purchase decisions. Certain users access the site when looking for a project. These ads follow visitors from other sites including feed, articles, blogs and social media.



These ads are presented by promoters in a visual layout. They make use of images, products, and titles. These are a source of making consumers become familiar with the product by making an association with the brand. These ads are implemented to initiate the sale and purchase of goods and contain visuals in the form of images and product details.

PPC Management Process

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