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Significance of PPC?

PPC facilities are essential to grow trade transactions and give high profits in the form of investment to the establishment. Grey Media attempts to employ customers with quality PPC facilitation. Shopping ads, promotion ads and delivering strategic options to consumers are made available. These ad announcements are inculcated to convey a message to the audiences who are within a reach. There are options available to formulate these ads more reliably. The economic budget is relatively controlled.


The statistics that the more are the clicks, leads, and sales of PPC management services, the higher will be the corporation’s rankings. To formulate the required results for you.We at Grey Media are dedicated to yielding trade goals and promotion tactics that are according to your project needs. The strategic tactics are bound to generate enhanced sales, transactions, and rankings that are fruitful in the long run.


82% of users use
Google to make a


50% of PPC invitees are
online buyers compared to
organic visitors.


46% clicks are earned
by the top 3 paid
ad positions.


As PPC advertising confirms your position in the search engine, our management services will allow your advertisements to be utilized and promoted generating high site traffic. There are various formats used by promoters for trade stressing on PPC tactics.


Display Ads

Display ads stress on the creation of image, text, video and media files for the audiences. Google’s Display network enables the visual advertisements displayed to the consumers on different digital mediums. Overall display ads are a great source to strengthen brand consciousness.



Text ads are used by supporters for the promotion of their tools. It provides patrons for enthusiastic trades. Text ads are a source to reach audiences in the form of certain organic results. These ads appear above the search outcomes. These ads make use of headline text, a display URL, and a description text.



Seeking sites to order goods and products is essentially common. These ads are marketing ads that appear on a site after it has been visited. These ads follow members and users from various sites that stress on news articles and social media feed.



The goods are sold off to consumers by the use of shopping ads. These ads comprise of details, information, images, and videos of products. The results are exhibited using searchable outcomes. The rate of the ads is dependent on the sum of clicks attempted by the users.

PPC Ads Management Process

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