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Maintain brand awareness with Re-Marketing Ads

Re-marketing is a cost-effective method to bring back customers to you that may have been lost. By marketing your services and product to previous visitors; you create brand
awareness and focus on increasing your customers. Our staff at Grey Media goes far and beyond to create a re-marketing strategy that helps a company in identifying the
customer base for their product. Hence, it is an important component of a marketing strategy.

You need a clever marketing strategy that is subtle and leads to conversion.
Grey Media does this by developing a strategy that makes use of different tools
and techniques while keeping up with the change in digital marketing trends.
This is why we provide you with services that involve developing ads and
keyword research to direct the right audience. From analyzing data to
designing ads, Grey Media does it all.

The focus of a Re-Marketing strategy is to set you apart from the competition by
creating a relevant customer base.

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Increase in visitors
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Benefiting business by decreasing the cost

Re-Marketing strategy is vital for developing a strong and loyal customer base. To maintain this, Grey Media develops a strategy driven by data which includes customer trends, demographics, and previous interactions. Understanding customer behavior helps in a successful re-marketing campaign. At Grey Media, we make sure that our research regarding your audience is adequate enough to lead customers to your doorstep. Not only this, but various platforms are used to come up with a comprehensive re-marketing plan.

Multi-channel Remarketing

This involves using platforms such as emails
and social media websites, including
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
for marketing. Not only does your product
get awareness but is also shared with

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic re-marketing is customized
according to customers’ type and their
interaction with a webpage. For an e-
commerce website, it refers to the product
that the customer may have chosen and
now receive ads related to it.

Audience segmentation

Segmenting your audience based on factors
such as age, gender, region, and others
make it easier to market the product when
targeting specific groups. It creates brand
awareness among people belonging to
different stratum.s

PPC Re-marketing Process

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